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Peoples of India are addicted to button-clicks to get the desired things as faster as possible. Web Applications is a well navigated website that provides interaction with the users for entering and retrieving the information from database by clicking few buttons. The application uses Servlets, Filters, JSP, and the functionality designed by the java code. It provides a response to a user/client that makes an HTTP request. It needs to be deployed in a production server for cliental operation. The entire we application is packaged and then deployed in the server. The web development activities include website design, web programming, adding content, linking database and making interactive. There are lots of web development centers from India provide services. Indian web development companies use Web 2.0 for web application development. The Indian web companies design and develop ecommerce and make ERP implementations across the industry.

The Web companies provide web hosting, web design, content management service development, Ecommerce development, data resources, SEO, corporate identity, portal development, web articles, dedicated Server etc. They take care of looks of the website, optimizing multiple search engines and granting the best possible ranks in search engine results. The banking, insurance, air travel, hotel industry, tourism, e-shopping and emailing etc. are globally web applications that are stored in a global server.

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