I have used Shakir Ali's SEO services for many years. He has many years of SEO experience and delivers cost effective work on time and budget. An ideal partner for an SEO agency that is looking to outsource certain aspects of their SEO offerings.

- Christian Neeser (CXO)

Shakir, Has helped me with various things from SEO to web development. He is a hard worker and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend him for any job you have that he says we is confident in doing. Mark Cameron

- Mark Cameron (Tampa Internet)

Shakir Ali is a very knowledgeable SEO expert who provided excellent link building and promotion services for numerous clients I worked with. He has excellent organizational skills and he's great at communicating strategy and showing results in search engine optimization and reputation management campaigns.

- Chris Stout (Tsavo)

Shakir is a Professional SEO who is friendly and trust worthy

- Subba Raju (CEO at 1midea)

I have worked with Shakir at different capacities, as also many of my friends who are in very responsible positions today have worked with him in the past. Most of my friends swear by Shakir's SEO knowledge and methodical approach, admitting that they have learnt a lot from him. As far as my personal experiences are concerned, Shakir is a rare man in this industry who is punctual and disciplined when it comes to the questions of both quality and money. I am sure there are many people in the world who would possess more knowledge than him in different sectors and areas, but when I seek a reliable work partner, on whom I can depend for sincerity, care, and honesty along with required subject expertise, I would count on Shakir.

- Surajit Sen Sharma (Azure Knowledge Corporation)

Shakir and his team are VERY responsive and tender to each and every need you may have for development and design. They provide a good value, and exceptionally prompt. Highly recommended

- Jason Stomel (Co-Founder at Endeavor Ads)

I highly recommend Shakir's professional services for SEO. He has truly helped us improve our sales. He pays himself off and you'll be happy you used him

- Annette Mendoza Atteridge (Owner of BuggyGuard)

I now know Shakir for about 10 years . We worked together just for 3-4 months and I learnt from him the big IT world way back in 2001 and i never looked back . On a serious note . Shakir has couple of qualities which have worked for us when we hired services of his organization e-merchant for Indian Direct Selling Association in 2009 . Clarity, Dependability, Consistency and ability to work with many people giving diametrically opposite ideas. I wish him and his team all the very best and look forward to seeing e-merchant make a capacious and huge organization . All the best buddy

- CHAVI Hemanth (Secretary General)

I found Shakir to be a very passionate and committed individual. He thinks of people working for him and a highly result oriented person.

- Sridhar Chakravarthi Mulakaluri (CEO at STRATEGIQA)

EMerchant has done good work for me. I would recommend them and have recommended them to other people. Fair and honest.

- Jeffery Palumbo (Co-Founder at Stealth New Co)

Exellent, so much info I never knew was relevant... You were very open to comments, questions, discussions

- Jason

Great information - very keen to look deeper into this area - exciting industry Very Good and helpful insight of SEO details

- Karthik

Shakir Ali provided an outstanding professional service. He went way beyond expectations and certainly exceeded my expectations (and they were high!) adding value in areas other than SEO as well.

- Madhav

The Best in SEO - It's hard to explain how much of a help you were in creating our website. You are a true professional, and we couldn't have done it without you. You took us from a completely original forum, to a one of a kind setup. Thank you soooo much for all of your help, and I will make sure to pass you on to anyone who needs the hookup.....well not the competition of course.

- John

Have no doubts about Shakir, he is a true gentleman and a true professional

- Mark

We are awfully contented with the results you helped us attain in such a short time. Our search engine rankings have stabilized and improved extensively

- Cherries

The eMerchant has proved time and again of their magnificent work as they acheived the traget with the given time. I look forward to work with them for future projects

- Ven

The Team at The eMerchant has been a pleasure to work with and their high levels of professionalism and expertise have provided results above and beyond our primary expectations

- Stephen

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